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"Everything you can imagine is real" P. Picasso


I am a Sydney based abstract artist. In love with the color and in absolute disregards of the limitations of a particular style or technique.

Started my formal education in Espai Medusa school of art in Barcelona in 2008 and went on with self-education ever since. 

Inspired by Salvador Dali (classic) as well as John Olsen (modern Australian) art.

Exhibitions / shows /prizes 

  • ​Au bout de... - joint exhibition with Marie Stohldreier, ARO gallery, Sydney 2019 

  • ART PASSAGE - joint exhibition, Sydney 2020 (cancelled due to COVID 19)

  • Finalist in the Petite Pieces by Aspire gallery, Brisbane 2020

  • The Other Art Fair, Sydney 2020 (cancelled due to COVID 19)

  • Art Edit Autumn 2020 Issue 

  • The Great Refuse, TAP Gallery, Sydney 2020

  • Selected for Port Lincoln Art Prize 2021, Port Lincoln, Australia 

  • Swiss Art Expo 2021, Zurich, Switzerland 


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